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Our Work

  • Sharp

    Exquisite Printing

    We are committed to the exquisite requirements of carton and printing in order to ensure that every carton printed comply with our standards.

  • Miaow Miaow

    Flexo Printing

    According to customer's requirements, utilize the latest printing technology. Therefore, each color can be well distributed to present the best side.

  • Die-cut Box

    Compressive Pressure and Durable

    Precise production in order to provide better quality service. Compressive pressure and durable can effectively withstand the impact during transport.

  • Die-cut Box

    Packaging Structure

    Our top priority is to protect product safety. Based on the customer's packaging, designed to meet customer product installation and crease structure.

  • Bakery Box

    Die Cut Packaging

    Whether it is a large or small amount of packaging requirements, we can always meet your requirements and provide the highest quality and unique packaging to render to customers.

Our Achievements

Best Supplier Award 2015 presented to Courier Packagings Sdn. Bhd. Excellent Effort and Performance in Overall Q.E.C.D.T.S. Assessment from Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre Pte. Ltd.

Best Supplier Award 2011 awarded to Courier Packagings Sdn. Bhd. from Sharp Manufacturing Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

MERIT Supplier Award 2019 awarded to Courier Packagings Sdn. Bhd. from VTech Communication (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Products to be sold well,
packaging is very important.

Whether a commodity can have good sales performance must be tested by the market. Throughout the marketing process, packaging plays an extremely important role, it uses its own unique image language and consumer communication in order to affect the consumer's first sentiment. The first sight consumers see packaging then will be interested in the products.